How to get into tech mentorship

Skills gap in tech

  • There is an over-supply of junior level developers
  • There is a shortage of mid and senior level developers
  • AI is changing things - people need more skills to get their first job
  • AI is a foot gun for people learning to code

How do we start to address this?

  • Junior devs need more skills and connections
  • Get kids to play with code

Benefits to the mentor... lots

  • Harden your own knowledge
  • Learn about new tools and techniques
  • Level up your communication skills
  • It's who you know...
  • Build leverage in a team by levelling up team members

The only true measure of success is

The number of people you have helped

the effect of that help


  • I don't have time...even a little goes a long way
  • I don't know enough kids or noobs
  • I don't know how to mentor or teach...we have training material
  • I don't know if I'll like it...try it, what's the worst that could happen?

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